Interview with Amanda Warner, designer of Influence, Inc.




Propaganda, social media, gamevironments, disinformation, media platforms, news


Amanda just released Influence, Inc., her second game about propaganda and media manipulation after her 2017 game Fake It to Make It. In this interview I am learning from her about how the game works in allowing players to explore propaganda, what Amanda´s aims with the game are, and how she thinks about games as a medium and their impact on the politics. The interview has been conducted by Patrick Prax over Zoom on the 19th of April 2022, with additions and revisions through subsequent exchanges.

Author Biography

Patrick Prax, Department of Game Design at Uppsala University

Patrick Prax is assistant professor at the Department of Game Design at Uppsala University. He studies games and digital media from a critical perspective. His PhD is about participatory creation of games and you can see his TEDx Uppsala University talk about this topic here. Recently, Patrick has been working with games and sustainability as well as social justice and anti-fascism, for example through developing critical game literacy as a useful concept. Patrick has hosted events at the Swedish democracy festival and is aiming for more societal impact of his research. He also writes about miniature war-gaming.