The White Peril. Colonial Expressions in Digital Games




Digital Games, Colonialism, White Supremacy, Orientalism, Simulation, Representation, gamevironments


This article studies expressions of orientalism and white supremacy through analyses of action-adventure games. It will discuss the historical bias of the adventure genre and its connection with orientalism and white supremacy, followed by framing them in a digital games’ context. It is expected to enrich the discourse of colonialism in media by providing a systematic conceptualization of colonialist expression in digital games. This article ultimately aims to map the positions of action-adventure games, orientalism, and white supremacy as building blocks of colonialist narratives, their causes, and contexts, while also offering a critical reading of digital games’ colonialism.

Author Biography

Haryo Pambuko Jiwandono, RMIT University

Haryo Pambuko Jiwandono is a PhD candidate at RMIT University's School of Media and Communication and a researcher at Digital Ethnography Research Centre (DERC) under supervisions of Professor Ingrid Richardson and Distinguished Professor Larissa Hjörth. He is awarded with RMIT Research Stipend Scholarship (RRSS) from June 2022. His PhD research is about mobile game e-sports in Indonesia from digital ethnography paradigm.






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